Five Favorite Things

Happy Wednesday! I realized the other day, that bam – I miss writing.  It feels so good to start writing things down and I miss sharing things I like, what’s on my mind, and other things that are happening in my life. Most of the time I’ll tell myself to get back into to blogging, but I never do. In my attempt to create more original content, and to to share what I love, I’m going to be sharing each week five of my favorite things.

One Love Organics Skin Dew, Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub, Organic Skincare
one // One Love Organics Skin Dew – You guys this stuff is amazing and has the best scent. Let’s break this down and you’ll so that you’ll realize just how good it is. The ingredients are super clean. I’ve been slowly switching out my makeup and skincare items for cleaner ingredients, but it’s been hard to find a moisturizer for dry skin. The Skin Dew is incredibly moisturizing for both day and night and might even surpass my holy grail – Kiehls Panthenol Moisturizer, which has been sadly discontinued. It also has the most amazing light coconut scent. Sometimes I find coconut scented items to be too strong or artificial, but this is just lovely. I highly recommend this for dry skin!

two // Acure Brightening Facial Scrub – I have purchased this scrub over and over again.  You guys, this is just so good. The whole Acure brand is affordable and the ingredients are so good. I have purchased this repeatedly, but have been out of it for a few months. I picked some up at Target the other day and it has made my skin is just glowy!

three //  Herbal Essences Repair Shampoo &  Repair Conditioner – I just picked up this shampoo & conditioner from Target and I’ve been really liking it. It’s got a really great scent and makes my hair super soft!

Behr Home Paint, Home Depot Paint, Sherwin Williams Passive, Behr Dolphin Fin, Behr Sterling
four // Paint samples – I mentioned in my previous post that we just purchased our first house in December. As the temps slowly rise and the sun starts to shine more, we’re excited to start getting some home projects done. As it sits currently, our home is very beige 🙂 It’s not a bad color, just not what I want for our home. We have three bedrooms, one being the master, the second being my home office / guest bedroom , and the third being Michael’s office / man cave – haha! We are starting to pick paint samples for our offices and there are so many gray paint colors with so many undertones. I’ve think we narrowed it down and once we have the offices painted, we’ll paint the remaining house a neutral gray as well.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap Peony Scent, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Hand Soap Peony Scent
five //Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Peony Scent & Lilac Handsoap – I have always seen Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products at Target, but for some reason have not tried them before and I honestly don’t know why. I purchased these a few weeks back, and I have been loving them. The ingredient are really good, and I both these scents smell amazing. I’m not a fan of super strong floral scents in candles or hand soaps but these are just subtle enough.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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