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Hi, Monday!

I’m baack! Life has been crazy since my last blog post in october, oops. I’ll do a quick recap, but I wanted to let you know that for the first time in a long time, I’m excited to get back on the blogging bicycle. I fell off, and fell off hard. Over the last few years, blogging felt like a giant competition. Even though I wasn’t trying to compete, I never felt like my space was even remotely interesting so I put up content that I hated because I thought that was the kind of content I was supposed to post. Well I’m doing me, now. I’m going to create a blog that I’m proud of, and not one that I half ass. I’m going to work on new posts, create original content, and get better photos. I’m excited and can’t wait for you to follow along! Now let’s get back to where I’ve been over the last few months:

October// Michael and I went to DC for a mini-fall vacation! We stayed in Alexandria, VA and went into DC during the day, and it was just the perfect time of year. The buildings were beautiful and the weather was gorgeous! We visited the American History Museum, Natural History Museum, Air & Space Museum, the National Gallery of Art,  the National Archives (my favorite!) the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial in three days…whew. I have been to DC before, but never visited any of those places and as an adult I appreciated those places a lot more. We had some great seafood in Alexandria at The Fish Market and the Oyster Bar for dinner. My favorite ice cream treat was at Pops Old Fashion for a scoop of Banana Pudding Ice Cream. It was SO good.

November// We bought a house. Say What? I know, me too. As fall came, new homes on the market that we liked were far and few between. We haven’t had the greatest luck house hunting (read more), but a perfect starter home came up. We went to see it, put and offer on it and it was accepted! We spent most of November handling all the paperwork, and mortgage stuff – so fun, not. I’ll share more about our home buying experience and tips I have at a later time. Oh yes, and then there was Thanksgiving.

December//We spent most of the month finalizing paperwork, and closing on our mortgage and house. We ended up closing in the middle of the month, and moved into our new home one week before Christmas. The whole moving part was horrible. We hired movers for the big stuff, and decided to move all the boxes ourselves in the middle of frigid temps and snow storms. Great idea. We got through it though, turned over the keys in our apartment, and started getting settled into our new home. Then Christmas and New Years came and went. The holiday’s were a blur this year, and it didn’t feel as festive as usual. I’m attributing it to the move, so hopefully this year the holiday’s will be so much better in our new home!

January// January just flew by! Work was extra crazy this month, and I spent much of my free time at the gym running. As someone who isn’t athletic at all, and pretty much hates exercise this is a pretty big deal for me. I have a few main motivators for why I’m getting more active, but one of the main reasons is that I want to push myself and see how I much I can do. I used to almost die after running one song at a slow pace, yes that’s like 3-4 mins. My best run a few weeks ago was 42 mins @ 3.66 miles. I ran that without stopping and I’m pretty proud of myself! My running goal is to increase my distance and to work on my speed. I’m planning to run a 5K this summer, and I really want to run it to race, and not just to run.

And now we are here and it’s February! One theme you’ll notice this year on my blog, is that this is the year to be my best self. I hope you all have a great Monday! Xoxo

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    Love this! Congrats on the house you guys!!!

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