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So a few weeks back when I came out of my summer blogging hole, I mentioned that we spent most of this summer house hunting for our first home. Well I wanted to share our experience. I won’t go into the where, how much, and our home criteria as that’s a little too personal, but I want to talk more about the emotional aspects of buying a house.

So let’s start our story.

Michael and I always thought about buying a house someday, but someday always felt so far away and never real. We got married in March and in April felt ready to make the plunge this year. We were ready for it financially and had lived together for 3 1/2 years. It’s a big step to make and not one that we took lightly. Once we made the decision we followed the standard process of finding a realtor, getting pre-approved, and talked to our family and friends about it. We started looking at homes and in every home we saw, we started to picture ourselves in each one. We were excited about all the possibilities of each home, but then the other shoe dropped and the offers we put in got outbid or were outright rejected.

This is the most devastating part. You know that house with the perfect backyard in the perfect neighborhood, where we could see us living, raising a family, and hosting dinner parties, well it’s not “ours” anymore. To be honest it never even was, it was all just in our head. As we progressed throughout the summer, it started getting harder to get excited about the house we put offers on.

But there’s a silver lining to it all. After really thinking about, almost every house that we didn’t get, we’re really thankful we didn’t get it. It seems everything happens for a reason, and those houses were not meant to be our home. Although there were one or two homes that we still hoped we had gotten. My real thoughts on house hunting: it sucks. It’s an emotional roller coaster and to this day, we’re still still on the hunt for our first home. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so emotional and difficult. I secretly thought it would be like house hunters – three houses and you’re done! Ha!

Have you gone through the process of buying a house? How was your experience?

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