Dressing Room Diaries: LOFT Friends & Family Sale 2016 – Reviews

You guys, LOFT is currently running a 40% off sale on everything in the store for their friends and family sale! LOFT almost always runs a 40% sale every other week so the deal wasn’t the most exciting, but I haven’t been to store in awhile so I thought I would check out their new arrivals and sale section. There were so many cute items that I spent a good hour trying things on!

Petite Mosaic Mixed Media Blouse 

This blouse was really pretty on the hanger and thought it would be nice for work or play. I love the pattern and bell sleeves (trend alert: bell sleeves are everywhere this fall and I don’t hate it!). While I love the way it fits in the arms and shoulder, I hated how boxy and awkward it fit on the rest of my body. I tried it in an Small Petite and would have tried to size down but I think the shoulder would have been too tight. Verdict: Pass

Mixed Media Peplum Top

This peplum top is amazing! I love the 3/4 sleeves and the mix of fabric types. I actually ordered a very similar top from Nordstrom that I will be returning as it was not nearly as flattering as this top! It will be perfect with the distressed jeans I currently have on or leggings. Verdict: Buy

Hydrangea Flutter Dress

In theory and on the hangar this dress is pretty. The color and pattern are really beautiful, but this makes me feel real little house on the prairie. This was an XS Petite and still too long with wedges. The mustard was also not flattering on my skin tone. Verdict: Pass

Hydrangea Ruffled Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is super fun and looks great on the hangar. I’m also not much of a maxi person, so it was hard for me to figure how to wear this without looking dumpy. I’ve seen some bloggers wear this and pull it off, but it’s not really my jam. Verdict: Pass

Wildflower Babydoll Dress

I had such high hopes for this dress. I saw it on the mannequin and thought it would be short, cute and swingy. You know one of those things that looks slightly strange on the hangar, but you have high hopes for – this was it, or so I thought. The shoulder and sleeve fit great, but body just didn’t seem to fit right in me. Verdict: Pass


Textured Bell Sleeve Dress

Ok so this was my surprise dress. I saw this online and on super skinny models and thought that’s only flattering if you have tiny arms. I mean a quarter bell sleeve, sounds so awkward. Well needless to say they look good on slightly chunkier arms too! This is such a great take on a classic black shift. I needed a black dress like I need a hole in my head (I don’t), but I don’t have anything like it and it was just so cute! The dress has some stretch to it, so you arms aren’t super constrained. It also comes in a Plum color online. Verdict: Must Buy!

Tiered Peplum Top

I clearly have a thing for peplum and love this easy peplum tee. I don’t own anything in this color and thought it would be a good compliment to my wardrobe this fall. Verdict: Buy

I can’t find this top online, but I spotted this top in the sale section in an XXS Petite. It was real cute, but in person it was more sheer than I would like. You could see my bra outline and I was wearing a nude bra. Um, no. Verdict: Pass

Chevron Flair Skirt

This skirt was also in the sale section. I didn’t have a regular shirt on, so I wore the peplum top and tucked it in which made it look lumpy. This was in a regular XS and I probably would have preferred it in a petite size. The pattern was cute but I ultimately passed on it as it wasn’t super flattering in me. However if you’re interested, I would check for petite sizing online. Verdict: Pass


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    I really like the Hydrangea Maxi on you. Do you think XS regular would fit a 5’6″ person that weighs 124lbs?

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