MegMade: Furniture with a Purpose


If you have ever fallen into the rabbit hole in social media, you’ll sometimes discover the coolest brands, designers, and products. I follow a ton of Chicago bloggers on Instagram and many of them have the most gorgeous pieces of furniture from MegMade, which is a local Chicago furniture designer that offers a variety of services, but primarily focuses on restoring and refinishing existing furniture pieces. They do a better job of explaining it then I do, so hop over to their website.

I wanted to share a few instagram photos that they posted! These pieces would be beautiful in a future home and are just gorgeous overall. The finishes and hardware on all the pieces are just classic. What’s also is really great is that she finds these furniture pieces and allows the buyer to select all the finishes, so its a customizable piece. If you already have an existing piece of furniture, you also have the ability to have it custom refinished. I love that all these pieces can be made unique to the owner!

Hello beautiful dresser, how are you?

A photo posted by Meg Piercy (@megmadeinc) on


A photo posted by Meg Piercy (@megmadeinc) on

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