Our Weekend + Wedding Updates

How pretty are these flowers? Michael picked them up for me last week when I was having a really rough day – how sweet! I had all the intention of writing a weekend browsing post on Friday, but the day and weekend got the best of me! Work was really busy on friday, and we had plans that evening for a fancy at home steak dinner. It was a lot of work, esp. for being a friday night and after a long week, but it was really delicious and one of our best at-home steak dinner yet!

On Saturday morning, Michael and I both had early dentist appointments, and ended up doing some grocery shopping while we were out. I feel like our fridge is fully stocked now, and with lots of healthy fruit options! Saturday night we had plans to celebrate Michael’s grandma’s 90th birthday! It was a really lovely evening and wonderful celebration for a wonderful lady!

We had Michael’s sister’s 2nd baby shower on sunday afternoon, but before we headed out to that we hit the gym to get a workout in. It was the first time I had been to the gym in like a week and half, but my arms feel great and sore today :). We spent sunday night doing laundry, setting up our X1, watching downton abbey and wondering where the weekend went! It was a pretty go-go-go weekend.

Mini-Wedding Update: I also finally checked the mail yesterday from the weekend, and we got 2 RSVPs back, which made me squeal! I’m so excited that everyone is excited for our big day. One of the RSVPs had no name on it, but luckily I was able to figure out who it was. Hopefully, that doesn’t become a recurring thing. 😉 I also booked my hair and makeup trial for 2 weeks before our wedding. #7weekstogo #unreal!

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