Our weekend

  It’s Sunday night and as I write this, I am eating a slice of Banana Cake from Magnolia Bakery. It’s so good!

We had a busy but fun weekend. Friday night was super low key, and we stayed in watching The Godfather Epic on HBO and eating McDonalds. 

My bridal shower was on Saturday and it was beautiful! I am so grateful to have been thrown such a lovely shower my soon to be sister in law and mother and law. I never thought that I would have a shower and they both did such a wonderful job planning. My heart is literally so full of love from everyone! I’ll share more as soon as I get the awesome pics that my soon to be brother in law took. In the meantime, all I have is the one above 🙂

We spent the rest of Saturday cleaning up our apartment that is full of boxes from all the wonderful and generous gifts!

Today was quiet an adventure. We woke up with no real plans, but ended up taking a train into the city to have lunch with a friend. We ended eating at Eataly for a late lunch then stopped by Magnoloa Bakery for some sweet treats. I love their Banana Cake with Chocolate frosting, so I picked up a nice big slice :).

We had a wonderful weekend! Hope you all enjoyed some of this warm weather.

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