Things to do 26 Update

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It’s been over 6 months since I created my list of things to do when I’m 26. As I reflect on my list of things to do, I’m totally bummed out by the fact that a lot of them are summer only items that I still haven’t gotten a chance to SEE, DO, or CREATE. I guess this means that I just have a lot more to try and accomplish between now and April!

Things to do when i’m 26

Travel on an Airplane
+ Chicago Botanic Garden in the Summer
+ John Hancock Building
+ Taste the best Macaroons in Chicago
+ Enjoy a date night at bottles & bottega (or something similar)
+ Participate in a group fitness class – barre / yoga / pilates / etc.
+ Visit the Randolph Street Market
+ Attend a Musical or Broadway Show
+Visit a new antique shop
+ Explore a new farmers market
+ Take a road trip
+ Go hiking
+ Find three new local coffee shops (Only 1/3!)
+Enjoy an outdoor concert at Ravinia Festival
+ Grow my blog readership
+ Learn Photoshop
+ Design a logo for The Splendid Guide
+ Make homemade hot apple toddy’s
+ Take a craft class – floral / stationary
+Make a homemade pizza
+ Make Popsicles
+ Bake my own homemade donuts

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