Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago

A few weeks back, Michael and I took an architectural boat tour of Chicago with Shoreline Sightseeing and honestly it was an amazing experience from start to finish. It was the most gorgeous summer day in Chicago and the sun was beaming! We decided to to do an 11:15 AM tour, and the timing worked out so well for us.

The staff was incredibly friendly, and our tour guide Jim made everyone feel like we were all old friends. It was such a comfortable atmosphere and the other staff on deck were super helpful in pointing out when and where to get some really cool photos.

The tour itself lasted 1.5 hours, but it went by pretty quickly. I get motion sickness and was a little nervous about being on a boat, but the whole ride was pretty smooth, so no nausea for me!

It was eye opening to see the city in such a different way. Having grown up in the suburbs, I have been in the loop and downtown a good number of times. I’ve seen many of the buildings and skyscrapers, but there were so many that I saw for the first time and so many that I saw from a completely different light. If you are visiting Chicago or are looking for things to do during the summer, I would highly recommend taking a tour with Shoreline Sightseeing!

Huge thank you to Motion PR and Shoreline Sightseeing for the opportunity to experience Chicago in a new way!











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