Weekend Recap

  Hi Folks! I should probably start doing these a little earlier in the day, but better late than never. I had an amazing weekend filled with so much family time, which I always love! If you read my Wedding Wednesday post, you know that I had plans to go shopping with my bridesmaids for dresses. I really had only planned to have two go, but my cousin from Michigan surprised me Thursday night that she will be visiting for the weekend and will be able to go shopping with us!

We started out Friday with girl time with my two girl cousins and my cousins daughter. We ended up getting manicures and then my visiting cousin spent the night at our place.

Saturday was action packed. The day started with visits to two different bridal salons and a quick lunch at Panera. My cousins daughter, who is also our flower girl, was the star of the day. She is SO adorable and pretty much loved twirling in her flower girl dress!

Then on Saturday Night we headed out for Cousin Night at Dave and Busters with 4 of cousins, brother, and fiancé. It was a blast and we had a great time. Our goal was to win tickets so that we could get my cousins daughter the giant unicorn, which we succeeded in doing!

Sunday we dropped off my cousin at my parents place so we that we could get ready for the week. Cousin/Family time is the BEST! I grew up with 7 cousins and it’s nice that as we get older we still make some time to spend with each other.

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