Happy New Years Friends! I am excited for another year of new adventures. 2014 was filled with some of the most wonderful days {our engagement!} and some difficult ones that made me a little stronger. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past year and I can’t wait to discover who I am in 2015. I try, like everyone, to develop goals for the upcoming year and it all usually follows along the same schema every year –  eat healthier, workout more, spend less and save more. I thought I’d write down and share with you some of my goals surround these areas {some are more personal then others and I don’t want them on the internets!}.


+ cook two days per week
+ workout at least 2x per week
+ save a certain amount of money by end of year
+ volunteer at a not for profit
+ blog 3x per week
+ spend more time with family and friends
+ continue crossing things off my bucket list {four months left!}

{staying inspired}

Sharing some inspirational quotes from Pinterest to serve as daily reminders to dream big.




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