Real Talk: Defining Who You Are

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As I write this, I think to myself, hmm, how personal do I want to get on my blog. But then I remind myself that I want to create this blog to inspire, so go along with me on my random thoughts if you will. I had wanted to do a post on super bowl appetizers, but today I got to thinking… about me. Sounds selfish right? But really as a twenty something, I struggle daily like others to really figure out who I am and who I want to become.

So often we get defined into these roles, and we let others decide who we are. I mean who let them determine our self-worth? Who let them think I am this, this and this, when in actuality I am not any of those. Only I can define myself. It’s so cliche to say “Don’t listen to other people’s opinions”, but it’s the truth. Once you stop caring about what other people think and start living your life you end up feeling a whole lot happier.

I feel like I’ve gotten to this point in my life, or at least pretty close to it. Constantly staying inspired leads me to discover who I really am.  There are some days that I let others get the best of me, but overall I love who I have become. I’ve worked so hard, shed so many tears, and have been confused so many times. I feel like I’m finally me now.

Well thank you for listening to my babble, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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