Affordable Stylish Tote Bags for Work or School

It’s so important to have the right bag for work or school. You want to make sure that it’ll be able to contain everything you need for the day including wallet, keys, makeup, snacks, planners, notebooks, and etc. I’m also going to be doing a what’s in my work bag, post soon so hopefully you can see some thing I carry on a daily basis to work. Here are some of my picks for stylish work/school totes that you can find, without hurting your wallet:

Target Merona Camel Ostrich Tote
If you can find it in stores, last I checked it was around $15.

H&M Handbag
 available in Black and Green

Gap Colorblock Tote
They have a variety of colors in-stores. Be sure to check out their promos.

Michael Kors Kempton Large Tote
This comes in navy, black, persimmon, and a pink!

What are some things you look for in a good work/school tote?

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