Food Friday – Perrier Obsession

A few weeks back on a hot day, I was craving a fruity drink while I was out and about at my local mall. I stopped by Caribou and decided I wanted to try their new Sparkling Teas….and I don’t regret it! They were so yummy. Sweet, tangy (sparkling-y? i’m not sure the correct adjective), and ever so refreshing. Doesn’t it scream summer?

I noticed that they used Perrier and decided I wanted to experiment with it myself. I picked up a bottle at Target last weekend, and decided to try a few concoctions.

First off was a little Cranberry Cocktail Juice. It’s actually a great little drink, and adds a different splash of flavor (and calorie and sugar-free!)

I did a little half and half, and it makes for a refreshing summer drink!

Now keep in mind, I only tried non-alcholic recipes. Otherwise I probably would have had better luck 🙂 Do you guys have any good Perrier Recipes?

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